Welcome to InterInvestment B.V. which is specialized in rotation molding. Rotational molding is also known as rotomolding, rotocasting, and spin casting and is a method of manufacturing plastic products for today's market place.

Rotational Molding has literally reshaped the entire plastics industry, for without this crucial manufacturing method, we would not have the many products we have today, nor would we enjoy the quality, durability, and versatility we have come to expect from all plastic products.  The specialized process of rotational molding affords designers, inventors, and product manufacturers more flexibility than just about any other type of manufacturer.

NEws about rotational molding

MEI 2012
A new and larger rotational moulding machine is almost ready to use. In a few months, the machine is build.

Examples of Plastic Products

Rotational moulding offers wide application range. Products that can be manufactured using this method include: water containers, recreational products, garden facilities etc. Read more >>

How does it work?

Simply stated, rotational molding is a process by which plastic products are manufactured for a variety of applications. The process itself is a molding cycle that goes through four different phases. Read more >>